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Standards springs

Tohatsu JIS Standard springs which was developed using noncircular wire and standardized are Japanese criterion. Tohatsu springs for high deflection and Tohatsu α Resin guide was invested in and normalized to aid the primary lifespan of springs. Then, ISO STANDARD on the basis of ISO 10243 has been adopted in our production machinery for press machinery used extensively throughout the world.
This series has been carefully picked with sizes that are designed to match assorted production machinery used in various industries worldwide, precision manufactured for high strength and durability.

Special orders

Trial manufacturing springs or mass production, compactification, wants to extend spring's life span, or improve heat-resistant, long length springs and so on, we comply with a various consultation.

Other products we handle

Through the selling and manufacturing of springs, we maintain communication with a variety of trade circles and customers, We could know the products that are able to make the most of our know-how then meet the needs of our customers, so we are selling and suggesting new products that could meet the needs of our customers in a sales collaboration.

Vibration control damper spring

Realize vibration contorol spring with adding viscoelastic body to circumference.